A Common Love Chords

         Em            A 
A common love for each other 
         F#m         Bm 
A common gift to the Saviour 
         Em           A         D-D7 
A common bond holding us to the Lord 
         Em                  A 
A common strength when we're weary 
         F#m        Bm 
A common hope for tomorrow 
         Em         A              D-D7 
A common joy in the truth of God's Word   

Verse 1:
In His family  
       A               F#m
We can meet each one’s needs 
       Bm               Em 
We can light each one's path 
       A               D-D7 
We can bear each one's grief 
As His children  
       A            F#m 
We can comfort each care 
       Bm               Em 
We can build each one's faith 
       A            D-D7 
We can work, we can share   

Verse 2:
In His family 
All the love that we show 
All the help that we give 
All the life we bestow 

As His children 
They're an offering we make 
Not expecting return 
Just a gift for His sake