Building An Empire

A fisherman was relaxing by the beach, admiring the wonders of nature – of winds and waves, of sunrise and sunset, with his boat bobbing on the waters near to him.

A young entrepreneur approached the fisherman, gushing enthusiastically, “It is so good to see an experienced fisherman like you. Let me teach you, you can actually experience much more of life!”

The fisherman replied, “How?”

The entrepreneur passionately described, “First, we can jointly borrow from the bank to invest in more boats. Secondly, we can hire more fishermen and you can teach them how to fish. Thirdly, you will see your money rolling in in no time!”

The fisherman replied, “And then?”

The young guy continued with fervour, “And then we can set up a company to sell fishes to the rich, create powerful branding and advertisement to entice them, and be ultimately rich, successful and happy!”

The fisherman still replied, “And then?”

The entrepreneur got a little irritated at the stark contrast between his enthusiasm and the fisherman’s indifference and continued, “Don’t you see? When we are rich, successful and happy, we can then relax by the beach and appreciate the wonders of nature?”

The fisherman nodded towards the ocean and said, “Isn’t that what I’m doing right now?”