The Last Breath

While thinking about the meaning of life, a good way to start is to think about your last breath.

At your last breath, what would you want to be thinking?

At your last breath, what would you want others to be thinking about you?

At your last breath, do you want to have regrets that you have not done things, or be at peace that you did all that you could with all that you had?

The Meaning Of Life

Have we ever pondered about why we are here on earth for?

To study, to work, to play?

To get good grades, earn lots of money, or have fun?

Is our finite lifespan of approximately 100 years for those purposes, or is there a higher calling for each of us to discover?

The Why Before The How Or What

How many times do we ask why, before doing things?

Why do we study?

Why do we work?

Why do we want more money?

Why do we want to complete as many things in the shortest time possible?

Perhaps by answering the ‘why’, that give us a compass to ‘what’ we can do and ‘how’ can we go about doing it.

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