Empower Me Chords

Verse 1: 
G            C         
Nobody knows how weak I am 
G           C-D
Better than You 
G           C          
Nobody sees all of my needs 
G           C-D
Better than You 
    Em             C 
And nobody has the power  
   G             Am                 B
To change me, to what I was born to be 
C                      G-D/F#-Em
Jesus, be strong in my weakness 
  Am      D 
Empower me   

G D/F#  Em         C 
Empower me, like a rushing river 
D              G-G7
Flowing to the sea 
                C           D
Lord, send Your Holy Spirit flowing 
Out through me 
         Am             D 
'Til I'm living as Your child 
   Bm          Em 
Victorious and free 
         Am            D 
Send the power of Your love 
Empower me 

Verse 2:
Nobody's eyes see through my soul 
Better than You 
Nobody's love can make me whole 
No love but Yours 

And nobody has the power 
To lift me to reach for eternity 
Jesus break through all my defences 
Empower me