God Of My Forever Chords

Verse 1:
E                      G#m
God of my youth I remember
     A                       B
Your call on my life took me o'er
E                             G#m
Your love has seen me through all my days
  A                  B
I stand here by Your grace
G#m                A
On this altar I've written my life
G#m                A                F#m
Tells of a story I have with You my Lord
I want the world to know

E            G#m
God of my forever
       D             A
And forever I'm with You
   F#m     B            G#m
My life is saved with a price
     C#m  F#m              B     
Your sacrifice redeemed my soul
E            G#m
God of my forever
       C#m         A
And forever I will sing
F#m         B           G#m    C#m
My greatest honour will always be
   F#m      B        E
To serve my Lord and King

Verse 2:
God of my all I've surrendered
My heart finds its rest in Your word
Praises will not be enough to show
How my love for You has grown

Nothing matters when You're here with me
In the end just to hear You say "well done"
Bowing before Your throne

   C#m      G#m
Forever and ever
      A            B
Jesus You alone in glory reign
   C#m      G#m
Forever and ever
      A              B
With You I walk this narrow way