How Awesome Is Your Name Chords

G   A               D          
How awesome is Your Name
G   A               Bm 
How awesome is Your Name in all the earth 
G  A                D-A-Bm
We give You all the glory  
Em                    Asus
As we worship at Your throne  

Verse 1:
D    A              Bm-F#m
Holy is the Name of Jesus 
C    Em             A   
Holy is the great I am
D    A            Bm              F#m    
Ever worthy to be worshipped and adored 
C       Em            A    
Lord of heaven and of earth  

Verse 2:
In Your presence there is healing 
As we call upon Your Name
Through You the universe 
Experience its birth
And forever we’ll proclaim 
We will proclaim